Ethernet communication via 1761-NET-ENI to PLC5/40E.

This is a test case we supplied to a user wanting to connect a Genetix GCM to a PLC5/40E, using a 1761-NET-ENI as an interface. This solution was tested extensively, and was still in use as of this writing. We no longer have the equipment available to support it, so it is supplied “as is”. Genetix related setup and troubleshooting information is available here.

The IP addresses are for the PLC, and for the ENI. The communication rungs can be found in ladder 21. The IP addresses can be changed in the MSG instruction’s “Multihop” tab. Data files used are MG9, N40-B44.

RSLogix5 V60.20 Ladder file.

ENI Configuration utility file, produced by the ENI utility.