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Why Use High Density Slurries?

Calcium hydroxide slurries above 30% (by weight) do not settle.


·        The systems can be designed with 50:1 turn down ratios using the same size piping systems and controls.

·        Return loops are not required. Pump to use point, user can stop pumping completely at any time and not be concerned about plugging of slurry lines.

·        Stopping pumps for up to 3 – 4 days does not require flushing of systems. User can simply restart the metering pumps.

·        High density slurry systems do not scale, dramatically reducing maintenance costs, down time and improves water quality.

·        Ageing of high density slurries increases surface area due to de-agglomeration.

·        Pumping systems, holding/ageing tanks, pipe lines, valves, etc. are greatly reduced in size.

·        Less water required for make-up of slurries.

·        Since high density slurries will not scale, this opens up the opportunity to use inline mass flow/density meters to monitor the slurry flow streams. In the past, these devices could not be effectively be used due to the fact that scaling started immediately thus the units could not be relied on as scaling would effect calibration on a day to day basis.

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